Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Grandkids are the greatest!!!

I have been in Starbuck now about three weeks and I can hardly believe how fast the days are going by. I am having so much fun. It is hard not to share some pictures of my adorable grandkids so get ready...

Owen just relaxing...he seems to be a very content little guy so far.

He has beautiful blue eyes and really is alert for only a week old.

Here comes Ellie to visit Grandma in her little one room house. Tom and Jennifer's house is the little yellow one behind Ellie. It has been great for her because she can just come over and get me when she gets up in the morning.

Ellie standing by my little house. My dear husband calls it "the mother-in-law house":)

The first week I was here I could smell a skunk everytime I walked near my new house. It was a bit odd but I thought maybe a skunk had sprayed a dog or something near there and it left a strong smell. The other day I was talking with the owners and mentioned that I thought maybe a skunk had been around. He just grinned and said it is over here...

...these are the culprits...they planted something called a skunk plant. I could hardly believe someone would want that delightful smell in their yard but I guess it would keep people away. They do smell awful and if you touch them you will not be welcome around my new grandson:)

Ellie still in her PJ's coming to get Grandma.

Reading books in my little house.

We sure have fun together.

This is what the weather looked like last week. It didn't last long though.

The day Owen arrived at home.

"Big sister", Ellie, helping to change Owen.

Ellie and Grandma have had some busy days together...

Sidewalk chalk has been so much fun. We were tracing our shadows here.

Ellie drawing on the sidewalk.

Going to swim lessons.

Oh my, does this ever bring back memories:)
Ellie is enjoying the water and really likes her swimming instructor.

Baking cookies with Grandma and really enjoying the dough too.

Building some wonderful things with her blocks...

Her train set takes up the whole little livingroom in their tiny house but we had fun with it anyway.
That's all for now...
Grandpa arrives on Saturday and it will be great to have him here with us for a few weeks.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our new grandson!

Our newest grandson, Owen, was born 17 March 2009 and he is a keeper! Both Mom and baby are doing well and we thank you for praying for them this past week.

I am so blessed to be able to spend some time here with Jennifer and Tom and their kids. Their house is very small so I am staying in a little one room house behind theirs and it is perfect for me. Ellie comes over to get me almost every morning and I spend most of the day with them.

Owen (1 day old)

Ellie (the big sister) meeting her little brother.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still waiting...

Wow, this week has gone by very quickly for me. I left Singapore at 6am on Friday and arrived in Seattle at 7:20am on Friday. It is rather strange like going back in time:). The jet lag is getting less each day so that is nice and I am getting a few more hours of sleep again.

It has been fun to spend some time with Ellie before her little brother is born. She is so excited and has all kinds of plans on how she can help. Jennifer is very ready to have this little guy. If he will cooperate and get in position that would be a good thing. He is traverse breech again so Lord willing he will turn. They will head to the hospital tomorrow (Wed.) and Ellie and I will hang out in Starbuck. That is the town not the coffee shop :).

Catch you later... with some baby news to report!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My schedule change...

I have changed my schedule and will be departing for the states this Friday. I am hoping to make it in time for our newest grandson's birth. I have lots to do here to get ready but I am excited to be able to go and help out.

We do have three guests staying with us through this week but they will do fine here with Larry. They have been busy with training sessions each day and are home just in the evenings and since we have a nice food court nearby meals should be easy enough.

Thanks for praying for us.