Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa!!!

It has been a very special time for us to spend time here with our new grandson and his big sister, along with their mom and dad. The days have gone by so quickly. I do treasure the moments and thank the Lord for allowing us this time together.

All of us at the airport before Grandpa left on his flight back to Singapore.

We love you Grandpa!!!

Ok little cowboy I will see you again soon...
Pray for me as I will be departing in about 10 days to return to Singapore and goodbyes are always hard for me.

We missed seeing Cash and his mommy and daddy but maybe they can come see us and enjoy some "tropical weather".

Where were you in 1929???

Jennifer and Tom's neighbors have this 1929 truck that they let us take for a ride around town. It was a fun time and made me wonder what was happening in the 20's when this vehicle was being used by its owners back then.

Enjoying a drive around town!

A day of winter :)

This past week we took a drive to MT to visit Angela, Joel and Kadence for a couple of days. It was a special time even though so short. The day we left there was a nice spring snow storm so we had just a touch of winter to enjoy.

Looking out the window at the new snow.

At the continental divide.

I was thankful Larry was driving:)
We miss the beautiful seasons of MT and I know this was a special blessing just for us that God sent this day of snow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy but fun days...

We have had some pretty busy days but also lots of fun.

Owen & Grandma at the baby shower the Bible Church had for Jennifer. It was a nice shower and they received many lovely gifts.

Ellie, Grandma & Kadence reading before bedtime.
Angela and Kadence came over for a visit to meet Owen and stayed a couple days. We enjoyed seeing them and spending time together.

Kadence and Ellie having fun together.

Cousins... Kadence, Owen & Ellie
This is another bedtime picture...I guess it is a good time to catch them when they are not running to fast :)

The group of us at a waterfall near Starbuck. It was a good place to get some sunshine and enjoy the beautiful scenary too. The waterfall is just behind Larry and there is a huge gorged out area that you of course can't see here.
We wish you all a Blessed Easter Sunday!