Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa!!!

It has been a very special time for us to spend time here with our new grandson and his big sister, along with their mom and dad. The days have gone by so quickly. I do treasure the moments and thank the Lord for allowing us this time together.

All of us at the airport before Grandpa left on his flight back to Singapore.

We love you Grandpa!!!

Ok little cowboy I will see you again soon...
Pray for me as I will be departing in about 10 days to return to Singapore and goodbyes are always hard for me.

We missed seeing Cash and his mommy and daddy but maybe they can come see us and enjoy some "tropical weather".


MoziEsmé said...

Goodbyes are always painful... :)

Susan said...

We ALWAYS loved when family came from the US to visit us in Japan, such a highlight, but then yes, the goodbyes are so sad too. Found you via Coffee Girl.