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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Unusual Afternoon in Bali

While we were in Bali we took a drive to the northeast area to Batur Lake, the largest lake in Bali, and took a boat ride across the lake to a cemetery that was quite unusual.

Active volcano/Mt Batur and Lake Batur

We took our boat ride across to the village where an unusual cemetery is still used.

Larry & our guide, Suja, looking out over Batur Lake.

An exciting boat ride across the lake.Arriving at the village cemetery.

Welcome to cemetery of Trunyan.

Entrance to cemetery area which is under a Banyan tree.

Bodies placed in bamboo shelters.

This area is for elderly people that die and are laid on top of the ground until only the skeletons remain.

The bodies are laid here and protected from animals with bamboo sticks.

Skulls & skeletons left under the Banyan tree.

The temple area for the cemetery village.

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