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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Loo Awards ~ Only in Singapore!

Have you ever heard of this award before? I thought it was pretty funny.

When I saw this sign I just could not resist taking a picture so you could see for yourself. I didn't think you would believe me without the evidence. And no, I am not going to enter the contest:)
I couldn't remember if I showed you the apartment we have been in now for just over a year.
Here I am in our office room...with my new laptop and our personal computer. I like having the laptop to do everything pertaining to the ministry now. Notice we even have a "deer mount" on the wall.

This is our apartment building. We are on the top floor. The window on the far right is our office and the small one the bathroom and then the guest bedroom. We can look out to the bus stop from these rooms. Actually it is very convenient for us to go by bus from here and then can catch the train just a few stops away.

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Under the Son said...

Well I guess that leaves me to nominate your "loo".
I am glad that you finally have a work laptop. It will make all the projects that you do for TWR much easier. Love you!