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"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time spent with friends!

On Friday we took time to show some of the city area of Singapore to our guests from the Philippines. This was their first visit to Singapore and we had a very special time with them.

A visit to Orchard Road this time of year is quite elaborate...

Orchard Road Christmas lights.

Our friends from the Philippines, Cris & Dolly, who stayed with us this week. We had fun showing them around Singapore.

A huge Jack fruit decorated up for display at a shop along Bugis Street.

Shopping on Bugis Street.

Singapore's Merlion

Dolly & me

Larry on our walk around city area.

Sculptures along the Singapore River....depicting life a few years ago.

The Stamford building looking up...the next pictures are then from the 70th floor looking down.

View from the 70th floor of The Stamford...the Merlion is on far left, old shop houses dwarfed along the river beneath the towering financial district buildings.

View of city area from the 70th floor of The Stamford.


Jennifer said...

These are great pictures of the tall buildings in Singapore. Wow! I bet that was awesome to look out from the top of the one building. Thanks for sharing the pictures :)
Love you

Angela said...

Hi Barb,

Tag! You're it! =)
I'm dropping by from Coffeegirl Community.

These are such beautiful photos of Singapore. I would love to visit someday.

Hope all is going well with your ministry.

m said...

Hey there,
I'm from the Coffeegirl Community too. I love the photos. Thanks for sharing. I live in Thailand. We hope to come to Singapore sometime on a visa run. Maybe we'll meet one day!!

God bless you!