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"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thailand trip...

Our time in Chiang Mai was really nice and we enjoyed spending time with many special people while we were there. I have lots more pictures but decided I better stop here.

A view of mountains from our hotel

Another view of the mountains from our hotel

Elephants in the landscaping at the hotel

Beautiful mountains near Chiang Mai.

Some really large bamboo trees.

Waterfall area we walked up to.

Yes!!! We rode an elephant.

Village Church

Pastor of village church

Sowing rice seed

Night bazaar...several blocks of shops along the street

Silk worms...

Silk Factory

beautiful wood sculpturing

Tiger Kingdom...this was interesting...people actually paid to go inside with these tigers and have their picture taken with them. Not me...they would have to pay me and then I don't think I would do it.

This is what the Songteaw taxi looks like...many people can fit in the back.

Us by a Tuk Tuk taxi


Jennifer said...

These are great pictures. I really like the one with you both riding the!
I am glad that you had a good trip and were able to experience so much.
Love you.....

Jennifer said...

I was looking at these pictures again and I was thinking that the silk worms and the silk making process look pretty interesting. I imagine that was a neat place to visit and see how silk is made.
love you!