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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A desire to help....

Our granddaughter Ellie, who just turned five, has a burden to pray for the TWR minstry in Myanmar and she wants to help them financially too. She decided to sell her art work to earn money she could then donate to them.

Here she is painting one her pictures...

I was so encouraged to hear of her plan of action ... I bought one of her pictures and here is what I received in the mail today.

 This beautiful picture of a monkey by a coconut tree.

and grandpa received the picture of a cross tree with lots of dots.......

Little brother, Owen, likes to paint too we were happy to receive one of his drawings.

If you are interested in a painting by Ellie to help her earn money for this ministry please let me know and I  will give you her contact information. 

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Pitsch Family said...

she does do a good job mine is posted on our fridge.