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Monday, May 20, 2013

in our neighborhood...

I meant to post this several weeks ago and didn't get it done but here it is a bit late.
This group of Novice monks walked through our neighborhood and stopped at many houses to receive gifts during Songkran Festival.
When I had gone for my walk earlier in the morning the people were busy setting up small tables with various items to give the young monks. The first picture is across from our house at our neighbor Nic. You can just see our fence and part of the red roof of our house behind the boys.
Next year I will be prepared and hopefully I can give them some spiritual literature to read that will have eternal benefits Lord willing.
Here they were walking around the corner to the neighbors behind our house.

Here they are at the neighbors behind our house.

This picture is of a young girl that we see each time we take visitors to the nearby mountain where there is a large temple. She has grown and changed a bit from 2 years ago when I first took a picture of her. She sits at the base of the stairs dressed in her tribal dress and waits for people to take her picture and then asks for money. The parent sits back a way and watches her work....rather sad to see. I pray one day she will hear and know the Truth.

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