Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A "Quiet" Day!

Waiting for a train.

We are finishing up a "quiet" Sunday here in the city. Earlier we had an "assignment" to meet a courier at the airport and praise the Lord all went well in that regard. It takes several hours by the time we ride the train to the airport and wait for the flight to arrive and then ride the train home again. Mission accomplished!

This afternoon we took a bus from in front of our apartment over to the train (MRT) station and then rode the train to the city area. I tell you all this because this is our routine usually wherever we go. It does take at least an hour with the waiting and of course all the stops along the way. We did our shopping we had to do in that area and then got back on the train and went to another large shop to look around and get a few items. This of course meant several stops and transfers to a different line on the train. The shopping here is a real work of art because you have to try and look at items along with hundreds of other people. Great, I think I have found what I like and so be it, many others are thinking that maybe the one item I like is what they should have. I don't do real well in crowded shops.

Well, after finally another long train ride to get home...and of course "enjoying" being stuffed in the middle of hundreds of others all trying to get some place too. (Where are they all going on this small island??) We are now enjoying the evening in our apartment and thinking about how wonderful it would be to sit by a mountain stream and hear the birds singing. But since that would mean a very long plane ride...I think I will just enjoy a good book.

I sure hope you have a "fun" day and while you are out driving around be thankful for the vehicle you are in and the space you can enjoy. May you sense the Lord's presence with you as I have today even in the crowds of people. I am reminded that Jesus loves each of us and so many don't realize that and miss out on the joy of a relationship with Him. Let's be lights shining for His glory whether on crowded buses & trains or in our own vehicles!

Hugs to my kids and grandkids! I sure miss you but you are close to my heart every day.

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Pitsch Family said...

Wow mom. That was a wonderful reminder for me to be thankful about the little things and not complain. It is so easy to think negative. Love you much and miss you.