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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Interesting things to see...

It seems that each time I visit Cambodia and spend time in Phnom Penh I am drawn to take pictures of the people. I took these as we were driving to the Media Center from our hotel. I know the quality isn't the best since I was shooting through the car window of a moving vehicle.

A beautiful arrangement of fruit for sale. The small watermelon were in season but I missed out on getting a picture of one of the piles of them along the street.

This is very typical to see on nearly every road. People walking...on tuk-tuks(not shown here)
Roadside sale of barbecued meat.

More dinner cooking...notice the chef standing in the water on the road.

A delicious assortment of meat.

A lady resting along the street. She is wearing a krama which is used by many of the workers.

A cyclo driver looking for a passenger.

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