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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking back...

I have spent the last several days scanning several hundred old photographs so I can save them and maybe make photo books for each of our kids. It has been a lot of work but so fun too. These two were some of the oldest and I thought they were really nice.

Petersen farm in Iowa early 1900's

Petersen family photo early 1900's

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Simply Vintagegirl said...

Old pictures are so charming! Isn't it wonderful to have photos from the past?

You left a comment on my momma's blog asking about how we put our names on our photographs. I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 (though all other versions work for this) to add a layer with the watermark (name) onto the photograph. Most of the time I change the layer blend mode so that the watermark is not just white (or whatever color I am using). After that, I flatten the image and save it. I also crop the images in Photoshop for quick uploading and clear viewing.

I hope that helps and wasn't too confusing! :) Let me know if have an questions!

Joyfully in Christ,
Miss Emily Rose