Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Under Repair...

Our apartment has had problems with water leaking into our livingroom ceiling from the roof. Our apartment is on the top floor. The owner has tried many times to get it taken care of over the years and the work has just not been done correctly. This time under new apartment building management hopefully the problem will be fixed . For the fun of it I have a few photos of the work being done.

You can see the dark area where water has leaked.

And the work begins...

Even with the workers draping everything the dust was terrible when they started drilling holes to put some chemical up into the ceiling. I am still not sure how or what it is suppose to do but maybe to stop the mold. Yesterday I had just cleaned the whole apartment...that was a waste of time. Well, maybe not, I did get some exercise in the process:)
Now I get to start over and do it again. I need the practice anyway.

Painting the ceiling area...when not talking on his cell phone:)

The hallway toilet also has had water damage so they fixed that too.

The finished ceiling area. It sure does look a lot nicer.
Now I need to go start dusting and scrubbing.
Hope you have a fun day whatever you happen to be doing today.


Greetings from Guatemala said...

saw your link on the CoffeeGirl blogroll. Enjoyed looking around. You have some beautiful photos on your blog!! Hope your house gets back in order soon,


Under the Son said...

Ellie really likes to look at this post and the workmen in your house.....we see lots of workers all over Skykomish now. They will wave at Ellie too :)