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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another day of baking...

Another day of baking...

"cinnamon rolls" which are always fun to make and smell so wonderful as they are baking. It always brings back special childhood memories of coming home from school to the delicious smell of fresh buns my mom was baking. Oh, how I enjoyed them!!!

I do the kneading as I don't have a mixer.

It never takes long for the dough to raise here...

I put a little cream cheese frosting on them and sprinkle a few pecans on top.

I made these a little smaller so I would have one for everyone at the office. I think I ended up with 36 cinnamon rolls. I saved a few out for Larry and me to enjoy too.

Next came the "sour cream twists". These take a bit more work to do but the staff really likes them so I try to include them when I bake for the tea breaks. 

I left some unfrosted for those that like less sweet.

The cream cheese frosting with a drop of almond flavoring in it and then a few slices of almonds on top.

I did not do so good today as far as not tasting ...yikes I tried a few too many goodies today. I really like breads and it is so hard to make them and not eat a few while they are still warm from the oven.

This concludes my baking spree for a while.


Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

Hi Mom,
I noticed the above comment again so I recalled your log on from last time I helped you and I went on and updated the clock.

Your baking looks wonderful.....I am now craving rolls and twists :)

Love you