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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Songkran Festival

We ventured out today to do some shopping before our guests arrive on Friday... it was an adventure to say the least.

Songkran is a Thai festival that is celebrated from 13-15 April each year. Here in Chiang Mai it is extended out to last up to 10 days. It is an important festival when families and friends gather to celebrate the Thai New Year, honor their elders, and, of course join in the fun of splashing each other. We were riding in a taxi and I tried to stay dry and capture pictures of some of the people throwing water as we passed by them. The quality is not the best but maybe you can get an idea of what our ride to the shopping mall looked like:)

These guys were actually using a hose to spray people passing by.

These guys had just been drenched by the girls with green and pink buckets.

This little guy is using a monster squirt gun to  spray people with water.

There were many people in the backs of pickup trucks with large containers of water and they would throw it at you as they passed by. We had our umbrellas with us since it had rained all day. It was a good thing because  this container of water that was thrown at us by the guy in black hit the umbrella Larry held up to the open back of the taxi.

Another big water gun.

This was our adventure for the day. My only mishap was when I sat down on the seat of taxi on our drive was sopping wet so I had wet pants on the drive home. It was fun to see people having good fun together.

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