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"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Friday, April 22, 2011

This & that...Here & there

I have included a lot of pictures here from the past several weeks since my return to Chiang Mai......

Royal Gardens...there are many beautiful orchids to enjoy.

A garden area with large "rabbits."

I thought this wall area was pretty.

Larry in one of several meetings we had over the past weeks.

We enjoyed a traditional Thai restaurant for a lovely meal together with friends.

Lots of great food and great fellowship too.

Kumpee - Ann - Praise

Dancers at the restaurant...notice the extra long finger nails:)

These are huge china pieces at the entrance.

I always enjoy the orchids added to the ice tea.

Barb & Sieralynn having cheesecake dessert.

Htay & Larry checking out the swords and knives.

Being silly!!!

The beautiful soap carvings.

A lady selling jewelry.

Larry chatting with a little girl.

This seller was very tired :)


We finished this evening off with dinner on the roof top restaurant.


Jennifer said...

You have some really fun pictures. I especially liked the Thai dancers that had faces that looked like you guys :)
Thanks for the pictures!
Love you both......

Jennifer said...

I want to tell you that I want you to please take me to the restaurant has low tables and I want to go to where the little white orchid flowers are. Love Ellie

Barb said...

Hi Ellie, When you come visit us we will take you to eat at this restaurant. It was fun to sit on the floor and the food was very good too. The orchids were in a beautiful garden and I think you would enjoy seeing it too.
Love you much...Grandma