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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Akha Christians in Thailand

We had the privelege of attending one day of the 50th Anniversary of "The Akha Christians in Thailand". They had several thousand Akha christians attend for the 4 day celebration. Some traveled from China, Laos and Myanmar. Our dear sister in the Lord, Buakab, was asked to share this morning with the group. We drove with her to the mountains near Chiang Rai, Thailand where the celebration was being held. The following pictures give a glimpse of some of what we saw.

Many camping out for the week.

Sitting in the shelter to listen to speakers.

 Everyone sat on clean straw on the ground.

Beautiful head pieces.

Group of Akha from Myanmar

Praying...notice the different styles of head pieces.

The ladies have elaborate head pieces and clothes that are very colorful.

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