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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Songkran Festival - Thailand New Year

Songkran Festival or Thailand New Year is being celbrated all over Thailand and we "enjoyed" it even as we traveled up north this weekend (13 -15 April). It is also known as the Water Festival. In Chiang Mai the festival continues on for most of the week.

Hundreds and hundreds of people were along the roads and even highways throwing water from buckets at the cars and motorbikes passing by. Some used hoses to spray with. Many drive around in the back of trucks with a big barrel of water and throw water at others as they drive along. All done in fun and actually a good way to stay cool too. While in the vehicle we didn't get wet but when walking... just expect it.

This was going through a village area and there were several groups like this right in the road making sure every vehicle got wet.

Even while in the refugee camp the children were having fun throwing water at each other and us. There is a water pump behind them they were using to fill up their containers.

Happy New Year to our Thai friends!

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