Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crown of Thorns

This plant is called a "Crown of Thorns".

The stem has large thorns all along it and sitting on top are these beautiful blossoms.
The flowers last several days and then new ones open out.
It is really an unusual plant but I have grown to really like them. 

 A very nasty 'crown of thorns' was shoved down on Jesus head ... not with pretty flowers on it.

As we begin the week before Easter my prayer is that we each reflect on the sacrifice made for the punishment of our sins and rejoice in our Risen Savior.

You can Listen to the Twelve Voices of Easter here and allow the stories to minister to your heart.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for the thoughts! I am glad to see your plant has revived nicely since Ellie and Owen harvested it of most of its flowers. :)