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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drive across the Causeway...

The other week I went along with my friend Irene to Malaysia. We just went across the cause-way to Johor Bahru and spent the day shopping and eating. It was fun to get away from the crowded city life here and feel a bit more openness. Even the shopping malls felt so spacious. You walk through really wide aisles and clothing items are spread out more. There were several manikins dressed a bit different than I am used to seeing here. All in all we had a fun time just hanging out together.

Going through immigration...I took the picture before I saw the sign saying no photographs.

Driving over the cause-way to Malaysia.

Singapore is an island but is very close to Malaysia.

Johor Bahru

My $6 lunch of salmon which was served on corn meal. I also had a delicious pumpkin soup and bread.

Irene & Zoe looking for a bargain.

These huge footballs (soccer balls) were hanging in the center of the mall.

The attire of this manikin was seen quite often in the various shops.

The Malaysia flag near the car wash... it was very worn and faded.

Irene stopped and had her car washed and vacuumed before we started back home.

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Jennifer said...

I think Owen would have wanted to grab at those big hanging balls. He now reaches to try and grab Ellie's paper lanterns that hang off her ceiling in the bedroom.