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"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Singapore National Museum

This last weekend we went to the Singapore National Museum and the following pictures are some of what we saw...the lighting was very dim but hopefully you can get an idea of what we saw.

Larry by an old phonograph player.

Chinese clothing.

Really beautiful hair pieces.

Hand puppets...

Barb in the puppet theater.

Silk fabric...

The edge of a sleeve showing the beautiful detailed needle work of a Peranakan dress.

I thought this silver covered pot was so beautiful...
the description is below...

Looking out the window and seeing the exterior of museum and also in the distance the Stamford Building which is the highest in Singapore at I think around 70 floors.

An old bell.

Lanterns hanging above a display.

Old pictures of Singapore.

After our three hours of walking around the museum we were ready for something to eat and went to a cafe nearby. The specialty was was interesting to say the least. It came in a bowl that was lined with a lettuce leaf. I was thankful I also ordered a small sandwich to go with it because the flavor was not very good. So much for my ordering "American Chili" in Singapore.


Jennifer said...

Cool Museum pictures. I like that silver pot. Really beautiful!!!

Your chili seems like a very small portion too. Was it about 4 spoonfuls :)

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Angela said...

Is this the same museum that we went to? I really like the pictures with the fabric, how pretty.