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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Travels to the Northeast...

Our trip to the Northeast of Thailand and Laos border was a very special time for us and the team.
We were able to distribute several radios we took with us and share the TWR ministry with several ladies.
The back of truck loaded with radios.

Sharing about the use of various media in the ministry of TWR.

Some of the Laos listeners of our broadcasts that were attending the training.  

More special ladies from Laos.

The group of mostly Laotian ladies.

Happy with their new radios.
Saying thank you.

A very grateful young lady getting a radio.

A walk along the Mekong River...Laos is just across the river.

Budhist nuns sitting by a Monavie shop...I was surprised to see this shop along our walking route.
Barbecued chicken leg for breakfast.
Near a water reservoir.

Visting family members of our team on the way home.



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Angela said...

These are very interesting pictures...that chicken leg looks so not appetizing but very funny! Love you both and thanks for the pictures of your trip. I love the one of dad giving the lady a radio and you by the shop how funny that you carried Monavie home and you can buy it there.