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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tree Cutting Day

We had some major tree cutting going on in our yard today. Two guys spent 11 hours trimming and nearly cutting down whole trees in our yard. They worked on 9 large trees but the one pictured below was the challenge and took nearly 3 hours to remove all the branches. It will grow again but for now it looks rather bare. It stands between our house and the neighbor so each branch cut needed to be roped and lowered down.

 This guy was like a monkey climbing up and down and hanging from the branches as he used his machete to cut the branches.

As you can see most of the tree is coming down.

 Taking a pose for us with his machete in hand. This is now the top of the tree...but in less than a year it will tower above the house again.

Next came the mango trees and we have five of those they trimmed up.

The only tools they used to cut with...I was amazed as I watched them all day.

It was dark when they finished cleaning up all the brances so maybe I will get some after pictures tomorrow to show you. I am totally wore out from just watching these guys and their hard work all day. I can only imagine how tired they must be.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I am sure having all the trees pruned sure makes your yard look different. I am sure it was so cool to watch them at work. Imagine what they could do with a chainsaw :)