Psalm 96:4

"For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise..."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Village school

When we arrived at the school to have the English lessons with the children this is what we saw.....
by the way the new blue roof was just finished and they really appreciated the funding that was given for it (thank you to the family that donated)!!!!

They were having a special activity to promote a drug free environment in the school and the village. Some of the leaders of the village were there and shared some messages with the kids and then we all walked about a half mile to the village center.

 The kids on the right side are the ones I do the English lessons with...they are pretty cute.

Walking along the road to the village there were some interesting things to look at too......

This is at the village and we all posed for a picture again...

On the walk back to the school we talked about things we was a fun morning and a neat way for the school to build a good relationship with the village people too.

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